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January 31, 2011
Gerry and Anne Manning
7741 Cedar Canyon Rd,
NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 8712

To whom it may concern::

In 1989 my husband and I bought a small house on Springdale St in Austin, TX planning to restore it to a livable condition and rent it through the Low Income Tax Credit program. At first I did all the management of the property, collecting rent, taking care of repairs, collecting the annual tenant information required by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) for IRS compliance. It was enough of a hassle when we still lived in Austin, but after we moved to Albuquerque in June 2000 it became a nightmare. Getting repairs done sight unseen by questionable handymen, collecting data that the tenant was sure was going to get them into trouble, culminating in me having to hire a private detective to go get the information!

That is when I was introduced to John lies. He was recommended to me in 1999 by an aquaintance in the Austin real estate market. He was willing to set up the lease, go collect the rent, deal with our elderly tenant and her two unreliable daughters, handle all the repairs, and negotiate with Travis County when I disputed tax assessments. He would even meet the TDHCA representative when she came to inspect the house and in every other way he managed our little house on Springdale. Having Mr lies to do this has taken a huge load off my mind and I would recommend him to any absentee landlord! Although he is sympathetic to the tenants he is definitely the owner’s manager.

If you have any specific questions about Mr Iles’ ability to manage property please don’t hesitate to call my office at (505) 293-1746.


Anne Manning

John Iles
ILES Real Estate
P.O. Box 1082
Round Rock, TX 78680

To whom it may concern:

Over one year ago I was in a difficult position trying to manage my Austin real estate investment from out of state. I madeseveral trips to Austin to interview potential property managers and care for my houses. This was becoming quite costlyand time consuming. I needed to find a reliable property manager immediately and the best I could do was comb throughthe phone book. There I found ILES Real Estate.To my surprise, John Iles took a whole morning of his day to drive out and meet me. He is a warm caring person with astrong will. I needed someone to take charge and handle my flakey tenants.

John was the only property manager who was not deterred by my situation, the condition of the house. Most importantly, he always showed concern for both me and my tenants. John and his team went above and beyond! They personally came out and cleaned, painted and cared for my house. On one occasion, a new tenant moved in. She was a single mother with no furniture or personal items. John offered to give her furniture, small appliances etc. to help get her settled in. Again, he went above and beyond.John and his staff are always available.

They always respond to me via e-mail or phone within 24 hours and I can often reach them immediately by cell phone. It is a huge relief to me to know that I have ILES Real Estate there to manage my property. I now have two small children and find it impossible to travel out to Austin regularly, but I do not worry any longer. As a matter of fact, I feel so secure in my doing business with John that I am considering buying another property in Austin and will definitely have ILES Real Estate manage it too.If you should have any questions about John or ILES Real Estate, please feel free to contact me.

Rad Kessler

January 14, 2013
Chris and Lori Compton
P. O. Box 241211
Anchorage, AK 99524


John Iles has been attending to our property while we are out of state. We rest assured we will have a calm advocate in John. He runs checks on potential tenants, represents our needs with active tenants, and arranges for repairs. Deposits are handled in a timely fashion, and the statements pass our CPA’s scrutiny. (i.e. my wife) He takes great care to explain terms, policies, & recommendations in a reassuring manner, to both us and tenants.

Given the distance and equity, earning trust is important, and John has done this with each exchange we’ve had. If you must use property management, I wish for you the steady experience we’ve had with Iles Real Estate.

Chris and Lori Compton

January 8, 2013

Sam and Pauline Fannoun
3028 Fernwood Street
San Mateo, CA. 94403-3210


Re: Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

Iles Real Estate has managed our property in Cedar Park for the last three years. We are very happy with his service, since we live in northern California. He is taking good care of our house in Cedar Park until we make the move to Texas. We recommend him as a property manager.

Sam and Pauline Fannoun

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